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Our goal at Dentistry on Norfolk South is to help our patients look and feel their best. We provide at home custom tray(made for your teeth) whitening that is both affordable and effective, giving you the brilliant white smile you've always desired!

The majority of us begin with white teeth. Unfortunately, common habits like poor oral hygiene, smoking, and drinking coffee and red wine cause stains to build up on the enamel of our teeth. Thankfully, our affordable and minimally invasive teeth whitening cosmetic dental techniques can help you get rid of the traces of tooth discoloration.

How Does At Home Custom Tray Teeth Whitening Work?

Custom teeth whitening trays are similar to mouthguard that as you place over your teeth with a whitening gel to manage staining. Our hygienists will compare the new shade of your teeth to the first shade taken at the start of your appointment. Patients' teeth are generally up to 2x brighter than they were before! .

Man preparing silicon tray for teeth whitening
Teeth Whitening Procedure

Why are Custom Teeth Whitening Trays Preferred?

There are two main reasons why over-the-country whitening tray applications are inferior to custom trays.

  • Fit & Comfort: Custom trays are just that — custom. Thus, they have a tight yet comfortable fit, whereas over-the-counter trays tend to run big and loose, making them less effective.
  • Gum Irritation: When a tray doesn’t fit properly over your teeth and gel leaks out, gum irritation can occur, resulting in pain and discomfort.

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