Night Guard for Teeth Grinding In Simcoe

Sore jaw? Chipped tooth? A night guard for teeth grinding can help

Stop damaging your teeth while you sleep

What is a night guard?

Teeth grinding night guards are often composed of a plastic substance that is custom-fit to cover some (or all) of your teeth. Many night guards just cover the top teeth, but your dentist may make one for your lower teeth as well.

The use of a dental night guard will not prevent you from grinding your teeth. Night guards, on the other hand, assist protect your teeth from harm caused by grinding or clenching your jaw by restoring natural space between your upper and lower teeth and providing a protective barrier. As a result, dental guards can lessen the chance of a tooth breaking or chipping, as well as jaw muscle strain. Instead of breaking down your teeth, you break down the guard—which is much easier to replace than your teeth!