Danielle DiNardo

Danielle is a dedicated registered dental hygienist who resides in the beautiful Brant County with her loving husband, Doug and furry companion Rowan Oak. Danielle was always fascinated with the dental field and knew she wanted to pursue a career in it from a very young age.

Danielle graduated from Southern Ontario Dental College in 2017 to pursue her passion for dental hygiene.

Danielle’s career as a dental hygienist has been nothing short of rewarding. She finds great satisfaction in helping her patients achieve optimal oral health and hygiene. She takes the time to educate them on the importance of good oral hygiene and makes sure they are comfortable throughout their visit.

Danielle enjoys spending time outdoors, gardening, and camping with her husband and their dog when she’s not working. She finds peace and tranquillity in nature, and the fresh air helps her recharge for the busy work week ahead.

Her dedication to her patients, love for the outdoors, and zest for life make her an exceptional dental hygienist and a cherished member of our dental team.